Adam Kutner Cautions Motorcycle Riders to Stay Alert and Obey Traffic Laws

Motorcycles are a fuel-efficient means of transportation, but they offer little protection to riders in the event of an accident. As a personal injury attorney who represents injured motorcycle riders and their passengers in Las Vegas, Adam Kutner knows that certain common highway situations can prove to be deadly for motorcycle riders.

Vehicles Veering into Oncoming Traffic

A distracted or drowsy driver whose car or truck veers into oncoming traffic can pose a deadly hazard for a person on a motorcycle. More than 50 percent of fatal motorcycle accidents involve crashes with other vehicles. What’s more, in almost 80 percent of those collisions, the motorcycle is hit head on. Motorcycle riders should always remain alert to the movements of other vehicles on the road, particularly vehicles coming from the opposite direction.

Cars Making Left Turns

“T-boning” is the term used to describe an accident that occurs when a car makes a left turn directly into the path of an oncoming motorcycle. It’s called “t-boning” because these accidents usually involve the motorcycle smashing into the middle of the car to form a “t.” Drivers frequently complain that the smaller size of a motorcycle makes it difficult to see or to gauge its speed. Motorists who turned into the path of a motorcycle reported being surprised at how quickly the motorcycle was upon them.

Motorcyclists who attempt to pass a slower moving vehicle by staying in the same lane are vulnerable to being hit by a truck or car turning left. Drivers generally do not expect to have another vehicle pass them on their left when they are about to make a left turn.

Motorists are expected to keep a lookout for other vehicles using the roads, so a driver who makes a left turn and hits a motorcyclist who was passing might still be at fault. Personal injury attorney Adam Kutner knows that comparative negligence laws could prevent the motorcyclist from recovering full compensation. Comparative negligence allows a jury to take into consideration the negligence of the injured party in awarding damages.

A motorcyclist in a state where contributory negligence is still the law could end up with no compensation. Contributory negligence laws prohibit recovery by an injured party who is found to be at fault in contributing to causing the accident.

Motorcycle Accidents and Alcohol

In the event of an accident, the driver of a car has a seat belt, airbags and almost a ton of metal for protection. A motorcycle rider has a helmet. Drinking and riding a motorcycle is a recipe for tragedy. The coordination needed to shift, brake, control the throttle and maneuver a motorcycle is much greater than that required to drive a car.

Normal Hazards of the Road

A motorist hitting a deer has an excellent chance of surviving the accident without being seriously injured. A motorcycle rider will probably sustain serious injuries or die in such a collision.

Riding over a speed bump at excessive speeds can be a jolting, tooth-rattling experience for the driver of a car. The same experience for a motorcycle rider can cause loss of control that can send the motorcycle off the road.

Smart Riding

Attorney Adam Kutner cautions motorcycle riders to enjoy the exhilaration of the open road while obeying the traffic laws and keeping alert to other vehicles on the road.

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