DIY Car Engine Oil Change Part 1

You definitely love your car if you have reached this article and started reading it with interest after reading its title “DIY Car Engine Oil Change”. People don’t want to dirty their hands and change oil themselves and leave it on mechanic at service center.  However this is good till your car is under your warranty but after that you are not sure what type of oil is going inside your car engine. Even under warranty you should keep an eye.  Engine oil is vital part and before it gets too black and stop doing its work, you should change it. Black oil always does not mean its gone bad, its only carrying the dirt of your engine and keeping your engine clean but not allowing those dirt to settle on engine components. Ok now let’s get back to topic of oil change for an old car which is not under warranty and you are free to try your own brand of oil.

First of all you need to check your car manual for the “grade” of engine oil your car engine needs. It’s written something like 15w40 or 20w50 etc. If you have lost the manual then don’t worry, just search Google and you should get fairly accurate info. For older engines with lots of kilometers done, 20w50 which is thicker oil is good. For newer engines 15w40 is good enough but you can also use 20w50 if you drive in extremely hot climate conditions or using or using alternative fuels like LPG or CNG which makes engine valves hotter than when same engine is running on gasoline.  These ratings were for mineral engine oils, if you check out synthetic range of engine oils, you will see ratings like 5w50 or even as low as 0w50! The number before “w” represents viscosity of oil when engine is cold and after “w” when engine is hot. Cold engine needs thin oil so that all components get lubricated as quickly as possible to avoid wear and when engine is hot, it needs thick oil to withstand heat and provide lubrication in extreme condition. So now you got why synthetic oils are better for your car but they come at premium price. So if your budget allows, do use them else stick to mineral oil which are also good.

Once you have selected the right engine oil for your car, you need to buy few other things as well which includes:

  1. New Oil Filter
  2. Drain pan (if you don’t have already)
  3. Disposable gloves (cheap plastic ones)
  4. Wrench to open oil sump nut.
  5. Rag to clean spilled oil, grease and grime.
  6. Funnel

Now what is oil filter? Where it is located? And what is sump nut? Worry not I’ll tell you everything.  Apart from Oil, Wrench and New oil filter, you really don’t need to buy anything else if you don’t have but also want to save money.

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