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fiat linea

It has been a while (not so long either) when Fiat India launched its much awaited model Linea. This sedan car was much needed to improve Fiat image in India and this car is doing that quite well. The first look of car will generate an urge in you to own one. From design it looks like a much more expensive car than it is actually. Price range from 6 to 7 lakhs for petrol model and 7 to 8 lakhs for Diesel. These prices are rough figures and price may slightly vary in your city. Petrol version has a 1368 CC Fire engine which generates 90 ps and diesel variant has 1248 CC advanced multijet engine which generates 86 ps but only at 4000 rpm while petrol reaches its full output at 6000 rpm.

Performance of both the engines are good but people who already drive a bigger engine vehicles like Honda Civic or even people who will upgrade from Baleno will find this car little underpowered! Linea is available in 5 colors which are red, grey, champagne, black and white. In these colors red has been very popular till now and not because this color is most advertised but on road this color does look good on Linea. Almost everyone who bought this car has one complain, the built quality is not up to the mark. Every new car has some issues like poor quality fittings and people are finding the plastics used in this car very fragile.

Overall this car delivers what people expect from it and it’s a nice car to own. If you buy it, you will not regret on your decision. This car has forced its nearest competitor Ford Fiesta to reduce its price to 5.5 lakhs so that people can think about it. I would prefer Linea over fiesta because its new, it’s got fresh design and it’s cheaper to maintain car than Ford Fiesta and few more rival company’s sedan. Fiat claims that Linea is even cheaper to maintain than Maruti SX4!

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