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Most people seek investment vehicles offering a solid return on investment coupled with minimal risk. Since 2004, Pacific West Capital Group has offered life settlement to qualified life settlement investors, the opportunity for total fixed returns on their investment of 100 percent or more. This is accomplished through an investment model and process focusing on offering individual investors the same opportunities in life settlements that institutional investors have benefited from for years.

Fractional beneficiary interests in life insurance policies is a unique alternative investment vehicle that allows investors lacking the funds to purchase an entire life insurance policy from an insured owner to invest as little as $20,000 to acquire a share of a policy along with other fractional investors. Life settlement investors working through Pacific West Capital Group can chose to acquire part or all of the beneficiary interest in a policy’s death benefit depending on how much money a person has to invest.

A person can fund an investment in Pacific West Capital Reviews using cash, an IRA transfer or a 401(k) rollover. Whatever the source of the funds, they are protected by the use of an independent, bonded escrow agent that handles all money involved throughout the purchase and ultimate payout of the investment.

Purchasers of Pacific West Capital life settlements must be a California resident. A purchase agreement offered to the prospective investor before any money exchanges hands discloses the terms of the agreement, the amount of the investment and the fixed return percentage the investor can expect to receive at maturity of the life settlement.

Pacific West Capital Group complies fully with California laws pertaining to life settlements by giving each prospective investor a policy disclosure form concerning the policy in which the person is investing. The disclosure includes the age and gender of the insured, the name of the insurance company that issued the policy and the amount of money the investor will receive upon payment of the death benefit by the insurer.

Before they can invest in life settlements through Pacific West Capital, prospective investors must meet eligibility guidelines established by California law that restricts life settlements to qualified investors. An investor must have a net worth of at least $250,000 exclusive of the value of a primary residence. The minimum investment is $20,000, but the total amount invested cannot be more than 10 percent of a person’s total assets.

Making certain that potential investors have the information they need to make an informed decision about whether life settlements are the right investment choice for them is important to Pacific West Capital Reviews. Life settlements can help people with income-producing investments in their portfolios to diversify with an investment vehicle offering a significant fixed return but without annual payments.

Pacific West Capital Group fully supports the qualification requirements California legislation set for investors. Life settlement investments are not for every investor. Making certain that only qualified and fully informed individuals select life settlements to diversify their investment portfolios helps Pacific West Capital maintain its reputation in the industry and its “A-plus” rating with the Better Business Bureau.

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