Secure Your Real Estate Business With Jim McAluney

The commercial real estate industry is booming in the Aloha state. As a result, realtors, real estate companies and other real estate professionals are busier than ever before. Although this business can be very lucrative, there are a number of risks associated with owning or operating a commercial real estate business. With the services of an experienced insurance broker like James McAluney, you can ensure that these risks are properly managed.

Here are some types of insurance that may benefit your commercial real estate business:

Property Insurance

If one of your properties was involved in a fire, how would that affect your business? Fire damage can be very costly and it may take months to restore the property to working condition. Property damage protects your business from disasters like this by paying for the repairs. Not having property insurance leaves the fate of your business in the hands of Mother Nature.

General Liability Insurance

Chances are high that your commercial real estate business deals directly with clients on a regular basis. If a prospective client was to become injured while viewing one of your properties, your business could be held responsible. If the client decides to sue, your company could be responsible for paying large sums of money. General liability insurance can protect your business from the damaging effects of a lawsuit.

You put a lot of time, effort and resources into making your business a success. Jim McAluney can help you make sure that your investment is properly insured.

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