CRT monitor repair DIY Part -1

crt monitor

Recently one of the old CRT monitor in our office started causing problem. As you can see in the image above, there is a red tint and if you pat the monitor from back this problem is gone for sometime. If your monitor is also having the same problem then you can solve it easily, just read on and know all about how to repair this fault in monitor yourself. If you are minor then please DO NOT TRY this as there is a risk of fatal electric shock in this work.

open crt monitor

If you have some experience with these kind of work then you can do it easily. We start with opening the back cover of the monitor. For ease of opening, what I do is put it upside down and then open the screws. There should be 5 or more screws to open, just look closely. Once you take out all the screws, back cover easily comes out.
Note: Before you touch anything inside, take a thick insulated wire and connect it to the ground (-ve) wire inside monitor circuit and touch the other end of this wire to the HT cable connected to picture tube arising from FBT. This will discharge any current which my be there.

Now do as dictated the in the image above to take out the PCB from the picture tube. The grounding wires (black ones) may stop you from taking out the PCB which are attached to the protective casing of the PCB. Detach these wires and then gently pull out the PCB from the picture tube. Now you will see many wires connected to this PCB using male/female socket of several pins. It’s best to put a mark on them using a marker pen so that later on you don’t get confused with them. After taking out the PCB, remove the protective casing carefully using a soldering iron and then it should look something like this:

pcb crt color monitor

Continued in Part – 2

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  1. ~sathya~ says:

    Nice info Hashim. Will be very useful! Thanks!

  2. pedro silva says:

    Este site esta sem duvida muito util para qualquer utilizador. obrigado.

    mas gostaria de saber se algum dos administradores da publicaçao do tuturial neste site me sabe dizer como posso abrir um monitor CRT Samatrong 75E (Samsung). ele nao tem parafusos tem sim ums especi de encaxes manhosos???

    caso me alguem me possa ajudar agradeço uma resposta para e-mail

    obrigado a todos.


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