Different types of wires and cables

Did you ever notice why the power chord of your room air conditioner is so thick while other appliance just do fine with thinner cable? If you look around an electrical store, you will find wires of various types. One size does not fit all and therefore for different requirements, there are wires available of different types. Like for example for cable television or satellite box, the cable used is of coaxial type. There are two wires inside coaxial cable, first runs as a thick copper wire in middle and is shielded well using dielectric material and the second one is braided over the shielding. This type of cable design helps in minimizing signal loss and other signal interference. This is the reason why you cannot use any ordinary two wire cable for video signal transmission, if you do so, you will get very noisy result. Sometimes you need custom wires and cables because what is available off the shelf may not be the right one for your project. I can remember a project where the power chord running a DC motor was always getting hot even though it was of good thickness. Later it was found that the quality of copper inside the wire was not good so I replaced it with good branded wire of same thickness and it was not heating any more. When wire starts to heat up and there is no electrical or equipment fault then it simply means that wire is not suitable for the current it is handling right now. It should be replaced with the right wire of good brand. Heating of wire also means loss of current which results in poor performance of appliances and can also leads to fire hazard. Jaguar Industries make some really good wires and accessories like tubing, sleeves and cable ties etc.

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