Setting your LCD TV for best viewing angle

tv standSome members of our family spend quite a lot of time watching TV, like kids who are glued to every cartoon program on kids channel and ladies watching each and every show of daily soap. This makes TV an important part of the home and it should be kept at the suitable place where it’s easy to operate and at best angle for watching. The angle of 30 degrees is recommended which is near impossible to achieve every time you sit for watching a program. According to the room configuration where the TV is placed, suppose you have it in your living room then it will obviously be facing the sofa so that people sitting there can watch without bending their neck. If you have a large television then the distance from the TV and sofa should be more or you will end up seeing the pixel. Also nowadays people mount LCD TV on the wall which looks good but can limit the viewing angle and you will have to arrange room according to the TV. It is better to buy monitor stands for LCD if you are not satisfied with the results of wall mounting. Monitor stand allows you to move LCD anywhere in the house easily and adjust viewing angle to any kind of room setup. These stands also have space for keeping additional gadgets like DVR or your gaming console or anything that we need to connect to the LCD often.

Mohd. Hashim Khan

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