Super battery for your remote


You know that the remote battery is dead but you press the TV remote button harder thinking that it will work! Pressing the button hard doesn’t work and finally you change the battery. Mostly remote controls use two AA size batteries which give about 3.2V when they are new and this voltage declines with the usage. With decline of this volt, range of your remote also declines and you have to fight with remote to change channel! Now my point in telling all this that being a cheap man I don’t like buying new batteries every now and then so I thought of some cheap and long lasting system. Most of us in our home have cellphone which is out of date, not working or just a piece of junk which is thrown away in corner. Its time to use that phone now! Take that phone and if its charger works then charge the phone battery. If phone doesn’t work then take out the battery and charge it using another phone. Now I know this battery must not be in good shape but we don’t need any powerful battery here too. After charging the battery, see the size of this battery and check if any remote in your house can fit this battery inside its battery compartment. Don’t worry for the +ve and –ve contacts, just see if it can fit, remove some extra plastics from the battery if needed. Once it gets snugly fit inside remote connect the +ve and –ve terminals. In my case as you can see in photo that –ve terminal is already aligned with –ve contact of remote, it’s just a good coincidence but for positive I have to use a short wire. Don’t worry if this thing looks ugly as you are going to put back the battery compartment cover after doing all this so no one would know what’s inside. While doing all this, just make sure that both the terminals of the battery should not touch each other, else you may burn your finger or even explode the battery! After connecting, check the remote and it should work now. If it doesn’t then don’t panic, just check the polarity and contacts. If all done properly, your remote will not need any battery replacement for some years to come! And yes one more advantage is that your remote becomes few grams lighter. Enjoy!

Warning: If you are minor then don’t do this experiment on your own, do it under guidance of your parents.

Disclaimer: Though I have checked that above described method works, in fact I am using this in my home but I am not responsible for any damage caused by using the method given above.

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