3D content without wearing glasses

DIS rolled out its new 3D LCD monitor ‘1040S’ in Korea market. The 1040S is a Parallax Barrier type 3D monitor that allows users to enjoy 3D content without wearing glasses. It also supports wide viewing angle that enables multiple users to view the content simultaneously. It is also cable of switching from 2D to 3D naturally with a simple switch.

By employing ‘ALT (Advanced Layer Technology)’ technology, the company claims that the 1040S offers clear bright image, successfully resolving the perennial problem of low brightness for the Parallax Barrier type monitors. The company developed its own player ‘3DIS Stereoscopic Player’ for stable 3D video playback.

Sun Joo Lee, CEO of this company, said that potential demand for 3D monitor is increasing and if they can acquire price competitiveness, they will be able to expand market share quickly. The company is also undertaking a new project to make the thickness of the monitor slimmer by 2mm so that it could be used for laptop computers.

The 1040S will be displayed during CES 2008 in Las Vegas, USA

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