ASUS Zenphone 2 vs Huawei Honor 4x Vs Lenovo K3 Note vs Mi4i

These are the four popular Android phone names you see in online store these days and if you are planning to buy Android phone with 13MP camera and have budget up to 13k then stay tuned as we clear all your doubts and help you making a wise decision. For fair comparison we are talking about Zenphone 2 2GB variant. Honor 4x and Lenovo K3 Note are priced at 10k Rupees while ASUS Zenphone 2 (2GB) and Mi4i are priced at 13k on Flipkart.

We all can agree on one thing that all these four phones are a good buy and even if you buy any one of these without reading this article, I can vouch that you won’t be disappointed. However there are few small things that are better in one set and not in other and you have to first check your primary requirement of android phone to make a final purchase decision.  Let’s see which handset is just the right one for you.

  1. If you are buying a phone that must have the best camera:

Mi4i and Honor 4x is the phone for you if you are looking for good camera performance. All these four phones have 13MP rear and 5MP front but when the actual camera performance is seen, Mi4i and Honor 4X wins here. Lenovo K3 Note is not lagging behind as well but still not as good as Mi4i. And ASUS, sorry your pixel master doesn’t seems to master in taking good shots.

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  1. If you want superior dual SIM functionality:

ASUS Zenphone 2 is for you if you use both the SIM’s extensively for receiving calls and calls coming on both the SIM are important to you. Although all the three phones are dual SIM but ASUS is dual active while rest three are dual standby. What does it mean? It means if you use ASUS Zenphone 2 and you are on a call on SIM 1 and someone calls you on SIM 2 then you will see incoming call and you can put first call on hold and attend the second call. While if you use dual standby phone like Mi4i or Honor 4x or Lenovo k3 note  and you are on call on SIM 1 and someone tries to call you on SIM 2, the caller will get subscriber not available notification. Bad thing is you will never be able to know that someone tried to call you. If you use only one SIM for calling and other SIM for Data / Messaging then dual standby phones are fine. However due to dual active functionally, the battery backup is slightly low in ASUS Zenphone 2. Good thing is even when this Zenphone 2 is dual active with both SIM active all time, the SAR values are pretty low on this phone which is a good thing.

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  1. If you want the best display quality:

Mi4i is the phone to go for as it has the best display quality. It’s slightly smaller at 5 inch while rest of 3 are 5.5 but it’s a full HD display and color reproduction is great. Second comes the Lenovo K3 Note which is also an HD display. Display on honor 4x is not bad either but it’s not full HD. Display on ASUS Zenphone 2 is dull and have thicker bezel gap which is not acceptable for a phone in this price range. They have improved the gap a lot from their previous zenphone 5 but still not as narrow as its competitors have.

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  1. If you want the best gaming performance:

Lenovo K3 Note and ASUS Zenphone 2 are the phones to go if you want the best gaming performance and you play lots of games. Mi4i also not lagging behind in this department with only marginal difference. Honor 4x struggles in high end games when set in high mode.

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  1. If you want the best battery performance:

Honor 4x is the phone to go for if you care about battery backup and hate to put your phone on charge again and again.

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So what’s the conclusion? I can say that if you want an all-rounder phone that performs decently in all departments then Lenovo K3 Note and Honor 4x is your best bet. For exclusive performer in particular category I have already summed up the results above.  We can see that all phones have some weak points but there are some weak points that can be adjustable while some are simply not, so below are the weak points that I consider pointing out:

ASUS Zenphone 2 – Poor battery backup (but its due to dual active feature) and display quality not as good as Mi4i and Motorola Phones.

Mi4i – No expandable storage

Lenovo K3 Note & Honor 4x – No Gorilla Glass 3 protection on screen (but these phones are 3k cheaper too)

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