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So what you are doing with all those beautiful images from macro photography that I explained you here few days back? I guess most of you must be storing in your hard disk, right? But storing them on your personal computer is not a good idea, why? You won’t be able to show them to all your friends, family members, relatives and the list goes on. To do so you need hard copy (prints) of those images. Okay I am rich and will spent thousands on printing but what next? Probably put the best pics in Frames so that every one can see and say wow. Still bad idea because at the end you will have piles of papers that may be boring to see.
What if I say that you can put all your images in photo frames within seconds after shooting them without burning a whole in your pocket and also without cluttering your walls and tables with bulky photo frames! Sounds interesting? Read on its true…> has introduced a wonderful way of displaying your digital images without the cost of printing and letting people appreciate your work. Here’s how mine looks like:

A digital picture frame is a must have not only for photographers but for every home. So what exactly this device is? Well it is a photo frame but digital, it consists of an LCD screen, stereo speakers and multi card reader. All these once packed to one make a device called digital photo frame which looks exactly like any other photo frame. A step further this digital photo frame can also display videos with sound from its stereo speakers or you can hook up a headphone. Since it supports all major video formats including DivX so you don’t have to worry of encoding video etc. Displaying still images can be made more impressive by playing a background music which matches the photo theme, and yes you got it right, you can do it with this digital photo frame. Still not got it? Looks something geeky? Not at all, it’s simple to setup and get to work, let me show you how it works in detail.

These digital picture frames’s comes in various sizes from 7″ to 10″ and all frames are compatible with JPEG image formats which is the most widely used format. As I told you of its audio and video capability feature which is a plus point for these digital frames, it again supports all major audio – video formats like MP4, DivX, AVI, MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, MP3, WMA, WAV.

So all you have to do now is shoot images from any digital camera, then take out the memory card and plug this memory card in digital photo frame and viola! You are ready to enjoy all your images at the comfort of sofa. Err how’s sofa come in between? It’s because all these digital picture frames come with a remote control through which you can change images, video and background music! The memory card slot is a five-in-one card reader supporting CF/XD/MS/SD/MMC cards. So any card which your digital camera /mobile phone maybe using, it’s sure that it will work on this digital photo frame. Oops I have a digital camera but no memory card! That’s not a problem either because if you purchase this digital photo frame from , you will get a 128MB SD card Free, in addition, there is also a USB 2.0 connection for maximum compatibility., an online electronic store specialized in LCD digital photo frames sell these digital picture frame at very good rates and have a variety of sizes and shapes to choose from. From the retro wooden one’s to modern apple style. Full warranty and after sales support is provided by and provide world wide shipping with insurance option.
Overall it’s a great product for use in any corner of the house/office and also as a gift. You can get creative and think of more wonderful uses of this digital picture frame!!

Mohd. Hashim Khan

I work as a freelance web designer and developer and enjoys fiddling with machines and electronics stuff. I am also working as a part time computer teacher at Aligarh Muslim University. I share my knowledge on various topics here so that others can make use of it and take benefit from my experiences.

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  1. Nitin says:

    Looks good ! I have an idea, will keep it on my office table and watch DivX movies that i download in free time !! 😉

  2. waseem says:

    wow..amazing gadget !! nice info man!

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