Lapcare Wireless Air Mouse and Presenter

Doing a PowerPoint presentation without a presenter device makes your presentation less professional because you are constantly interrupted by the need for moving the slide by going to the system and clicking the button. With a presenter which also has air mouse functionality, you can totally go wireless and operate anything on the screen with this device. Lapcare wireless air mouse and presenter is a complete package and offers great convenience.

IMG_20190301_095803Overall Design is neither very attractive nor dull. It’s an all-black remote like looking device but much more compact and easy to hold. The material used on this device is soft-touch plastic and TPU material buttons. The soft touch plastic used on this device tends to become sticky over a long period of time if not used. However the same will happen to this device cannot be said with a guarantee, only time will tell but I have seen this issue with many devices that use this soft touch plastic. There are no rough edges and the device looks well built. There is a small blue LED that glows and blinks for a few seconds when you turn on this device.

lapcare-receiverThe device works on 2 AAA size batteries that come within the package. The package also includes the nano receiver dongle that needs to be plugged to a USB port of your computer in order to make it work with your computer. The range of the receiver is quite good and the device works even when moving in a big presentation hall and computer being kept at one corner. The device also houses a laser diode that can be operated with the button on the device. It gives out red laser light, however, the output is not very bright, it merely serves the purpose but I feel it should have been at least 2x brighter than what it is right now.

Wireless mouse functionality works fine, however, there is some bounciness felt in the pointer arrow but it’s workable because we don’t need the type of precision we need for retouching photos. A little practice is also needed if you have never used air mouse before. Price of this device is Rs.3999 which I feel is on the higher side considering its not from any major brand like Logitech.

lapcare-wm-bat IMG_20190301_095729

Mohd. Hashim Khan

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