Reigncom multimedia electronic dictionary

Reigncom launched its multimedia electronic dictionary ‘Dicple D30’ in Korea market, which has a variety of contents of 82 different kinds of dictionary.

Enhanced the sensitivity of pen-based writing recognition, the Dicple D30 allows users to input Chinese or Japanese letters conveniently. Adopting 4.3-inch LCD display and SRS WOW HD speakers, the Dicple D30 features 30 fps video playback, T-DMB, FM radio, Micro SD card slot, PDF and CSD viewer.

The Dicple D30 comes with two different models; ‘D30C’ specialized for studying Chinese and ‘D30E’ for education functions. Suggested price is 348,000 (KRW) for 4GB D30C, 328,000 (KRW) for 2GB D30C, and 348,000 for 8GB D30E (no DMB function).

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