The High Standards Behind Venu XD 1070 Projectors

With today’s technology, there are several ways in which a person can view their favorite movie or take in an informative multimedia presentation. Out of those choices, it is hard to beat the quality, the versatility and the portability of the Venu XD 1070 Projector. This compact media wonder will make images pop with clarity and color in a screen size that will fit almost any application. The performance of the Venu Projector will immerse you and your audience in a high definition experience that will have you coming back for more.

The Venu XD-1070 Projector starts by being built to the highest quality standards. It meets or beats all ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 qualifications; and it is tested for durability, for environmental concerns and for any signs of dust before it leaves the factory. You will be able to count on the Venu Projector XD 1070 to deliver its stunning performance for many years to come.

This performance is easy to see when you are enjoying the 40 to 200 inch image in a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. The dual or quad lamp system achieves a 15,000:1 contrast ratio, and 4000 lumens with a 180 Watt LED lamp.The Venu XD 1070 Projector produces high definition images that explode off of the screen with deeper blacks and grays by using special contrast plates. The lamp is designed to reproduce lifelike colors through technology that increases the intensity of the reds. This high quality lamp is expected to perform for an average of 20,000 hours with average use.

The Venu XD-1070 rounds out the multimedia experience with built-in 5 Watt speakers to bring life to any presentation or movie. It has technology to keep the cooling fan super quiet to a maximum of 22 decibels allowing the audience to enjoy the sound system without any distractions.

Packed with many other features, the Venu XD-1070 makes is easy to customize the viewing experience. It has two HDMI ports that support XV and DeepColor. The Venu Projector has a screen so that the picture balance can be tweaked to fit just about any situation. There are two 12 volt triggers making it possible to integrate other devices such as lights, motorized screens and other home theater devices. The Venu Projector XD 1070 comes with all the necessary cables and a remote control to have you up and running right away. It even has a picture in picture feature so that you can be watching one thing while keeping an eye on something else.

When you compare the Venu Projector XD-1070 to media displays like plasma or LED screens, it is really no contest. Having a super portable, high definition option that can size its picture to fill up just about any space is an invaluable multimedia option. It can go from a powerful business presentation to a relaxing movie without even breaking its stride. The Venu XD 1070 is so user friendly and solidly built that it will be a joy to use for many years.

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