Air Conditioners for Home and Small Office

Summers season coming and we need to get the air conditioners back to their best running. If you have an AC which is working fine then it makes no sense to get it serviced, just clean the unit (grill, condenser etc) and you are ready to go. However, if the unit is operated in dusty environment then getting it properly cleaned from AC technician is essential. Cleaning will make a lot of difference in performance of AC and also give you fresher air.

If you are buying a new AC then apart from usual calculation of room size you should also now estimate the running time of AC. The newer technology called Inverter in air conditioners is a good choice if you will be running the AC for very long durations (10+ hours per day). For short durations (2 – 6 hours), normal AC without Inverter is good enough. If saving power is your priority and you will not require to maintain very low temperature in room then you can go for a slight lesser tonnage AC but if you want solid cooling then always opt for a slight higher tonnage than what is required for the room size in which you are installing the AC.

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