Andyson F-Series Power Supply

GM Corporation, a business of computer case and power supply, has launched a new power supply model of ANDYSON which they refer as F series.

The best thing about F series is that it has the most brand-new circuit among the ANDYSON’S lineups and +12V is output as a single rail, which is its specialty. In low cost power supplies, the +12v rail is distributed among different cables i.e., it’s same for motherboard, HDD and other molar connections as well. This can result in an unstable operation if some component starts drawing more current which happens in case of some overclocked components. According to a self-test, it shows maximum 85% of efficiency which is quite decent. And it’s an eco product that minimizes standby power and follows RoHS by applying green IC. It’s produced to fully use ATX 12V 2.3 standard and recent EPS standard also, guaranteeing high-quality compatibility in different system environments. This power supply is well equipped to handle problems like high frequency sounds that products with Active-PFC circuit applied within the domestic system. This product prioritizes user interface with reinforcing circuit to minimize high frequency sounds happening due to Active-PFC circuit applying and installing protective circuit with higher quality.

It uses 120mm fan with automatic speed control according to system environment but AFG (Air Flow Guide) to optimize cooling is applied. Furthermore, the new F series of ANDYSON introduced upgraded double forward circuit and condenser which can endure up to 105 degrees during ultimate output. There are 2 models in F series, one is 500 and other is 600w both carrying 3 years warranty.

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