Keeping Your PC Cool, Quiet, and Stable

building better pc

Recently I noticed that my new PC was running hot and unstable, almost all the components like CPU, motherboard and Hard disk. I always install two chassis fan so bad air circulation was not the problem. Later I realized that the power supply I was using was not of good quality and it was the culprit behind rise in temperature. I then ordered a 500W Amico power supply and I see a great difference in both performance and temperature after changing the power supply. Now all the components run at much lower temperature and very stable. My Athlon X2 now runs at 25°C! This is far better than 38°C with cheap power supply. The conclusion is, never use the power supply which comes with the cabinet as they are very poor in performance and if they have some substandard components inside then it’s like giving slow poison to your PC. I have summed up what you need to remember when building a new PC:

1. Buy a good quality power supply.
2. Install an exhaust fan.
3. Don’t forget an intake fan. Do some case modding or even change the case but intake fan is a must. Don’t ignore it.
4. Tie up all the unused wires of power supply as they can obstruct air flow or even get into CPU fan blades and cause damage.

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