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ipscot.jpgRemember those school days how messy your hands would get in arts and crafts class while attempting to stick something on a sheet of cardboard using adhesive? Adhesives are used in many fields and one such adhesive is epoxy which is a very strong adhesive capable to holding lots of weight. In hardware and engineering works several types of oils, lubricants, and adhesives are used. Every type of adhesives are not applicable using hand and thus need special tools or dispensers. Not only for ergonomics reasons but these dispensers are also useful to speed up the work and also to minimize the wastage. These dispensers are available not only as epoxy dispenser but also for other materials like silicone, acrylic, soldering paste, fluxes, grease, lubricants etc. Using proper dispenser allows clean application of material with least wastage, thus increasing profit. You must have experienced this when you apply epoxy or any other adhesive using hand, not only your hands get dirty but you also contaminate the adhesive. Sometimes just a contact with air is enough to make the adhesive useless for production purpose. This is not a big problem in household use but in commercial use, the contamination of material can lead to problems and quality issues in final product. If we don’t use proper dispenser, it becomes very difficult to apply the material on certain surfaces. IPSCOT Inc. is a good known brand producing widest range of dispensers and water syringe since 1983. Sometimes the use of dispenser is a must like in case of chemical dispensers because you would never like to get in direct contact with chemicals. Some of these chemicals are strong enough to be lethal if consumed even in small quantity accidently. Use of good quality dispenser is a must for safe dispensing of chemicals both in commercial and institutional use.

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