Wrought Iron Furniture

In my school days, I was always a back bencher, not because I was not interested in studies but because of my height. Teacher used to make me site at the back because if I sat in front row, students behind me were not able to see the black board (how bad). Reason behind my height was that there were two big windows and I used to hang on the curtain rods like monkeys. One day it broke and I fell off breaking my teeth. But my habit was stubborn so my dad replaced the curtain rod and almost all furniture’s in my room like my bed, wall hooks etc with those made of solid wrought iron. Now I can hang on the rod, jump on the bed but then I got computer and those nuisance stopped. One thing I notice that these furniture’s made of wrought iron are quite good, infact wrought iron is the perfect metal which can be used to make furniture. Wooden furniture’s are not only bulky but also prone to termites and hence require lots of maintenance. If you visit wroughtironhaven.com, you can find lots of household items and furniture’s made of wrought iron which looks cool. Do check out the garden d├ęcor which is my favorite. There is also a secret WROUGHT IRON GARDEN GATE backdoor on this website, go to the homepage halfway down and click on the comma in the line that reads “Our Store now has over 1,300 home & garden items for you to choose from!”

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