Effective Treatment of Vitiligo Part 1

The cause

Vitiligo is one of those skin problems whose cure is not found yet, research’s are done but still scientist are not able to find why skin start losing pigment a some places. Generally in irregular shape, skin starts losing melanin which gives color to skin and a white skin patch is seen. Such white spots when appear on visible part of body like face, hand, neck etc becomes a problem. There are certain triggers which can induce this skin condition in certain people while others no matter how much exposed to such triggers will not get Vitiligo, something to do with genes. If you have Vitiligo and before you start cursing your genes, there are certain medicines which fool our system to remove the symptoms of Vitiligo.
Before we talk about medicines, let’s see what those triggers are. One of the strongest trigger is emotional stress. A person exposed to continuous emotional stress can develop Vitiligo. Another trigger is over long sun exposure. Besides these external factors, there are some internal triggers which are caused by increase in amount of toxins in body.

The treatment

First of all the person with Vitiligo condition should change his/her lifestyle. Sleep on time, go to bed as soon as you start feeling sleepy and sleep for at least 7 – 8 hours. Remove all kind of stress as far as possible and live a happy life. This is very important for treatment of Vitiligo.

Secondly the person should start taking healthy diet which does not mean compromising on taste, remember that person has to life stress free and without any kind of sad feelings in life. If the patient is given bad tasting but healthy food, it may not do much good. So the thing is person would be allowed to eat what he likes but not eat those which will increase toxins. Food items that should be avoided are alcoholic beverages, unhygienic food etc. Unnecessary medicines should also be avoided like painkillers etc.

Develop and internal feeling that you can fight with this skin problem and you will become normal soon. This is again very important.
Keep fast for at least once in a week, this helps removing toxins in your body.

Avoid prolong sun exposure. Wear cap, full sleeves shirt to save your skin for sunlight if you can’t avoid the sunlight. However certain amount of sun exposure is good. Early morning and evening sun exposure for 10 minutes is very effective for regeneration of melanin and healing white spots of skin.

More information on this topic in part 2

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