Making muscles real fast

Health and fitness are two different words and when you go to the gym, it’s up to you that you go there just to maintain a good health or do you also want to make your body fit and muscular looking. Years ago when I joined the gym, I wanted to build muscles as I was a thin guy. At gym, I was supposed to do some fixed numbers of reps of different exercises which were always beyond my body limit. My trainer kept encouraging throughout the exercise session every day to increase the number of reps. However, I learned that after sometime body adjust itself and I was able to increase my number of reps every week by one. Unfortunately, I was told by gym trainer that increasing it just by one every week won’t help much and he told me about various types of supplements available. He warned me not to go for cheap ones but only take high-quality supplements as cheap ones may show no effect on muscle growth or even prove harmful. The Whey protein supplement for bodybuilders which is recommended by many gym trainers around the world is the best if you are not lactose intolerant. I still remember those days of when I did not took any supplement and how much painful were the reps of bench-press. After taking supplement I was able to increase numbers of reps in bench-presses easily and add more weight every week. Within a year my body was totally changed and I was no more called a thin guy. Many friends at the gym also told me about increase energy after using supplements. If you are going to gym, so take the advice of your trainer or even a qualified physician about taking supplements and speed up the process of getting a good looking body.

Mohd. Hashim Khan

I work as a freelance web designer and developer and enjoys fiddling with machines and electronics stuff. I am also working as a part time computer teacher at Aligarh Muslim University. I share my knowledge on various topics here so that others can make use of it and take benefit from my experiences.

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