Medical Grade UPS

When using digital equipments which are sensitive to surge it’s strongly recommended to use an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS). These UPS are of many grades. You must have bought UPS for your desktop PC and know how many brands are there each claiming to be the best. When it comes to medical instruments, we need something more advanced and reliable UPS that would not breakdown in normal conditions. Patient’s life depend on these machines when they are operated using them and one would never want them to stop working in critical time just because of an electrical surge. Therefore it becomes a standard to use only medical grade ups in medical equipments and not just any other UPS available in the market.

Medical equipments like heart lung machine, CT scanners, diathermy not only do life saving job but are also very costly, it would cost a lot if these machines breakdown frequently. Repairing of these equipments is also very costly and even not possible in some parts of the world due to unavailability of parts and engineers who can repair it. For longer life of these machines proper maintenance is required. Operating condition is equally important and apart from well trained staff, a clean power supply without any interruption will increase the life of equipment and lower the cost of maintenance. Powervar UPS are available from 78 VA to 300 kVA which is quite a good range. Their UPS come with full five year warranty which is itself a proof of reliability and has many patented technology built in to provide the cleanest power output possible.

Using low quality UPS can also be hazardous, there are many threats like loss of life due to total shut down of a critical life support system running thru poor quality UPS, wrong diagnosis because of false reading from a malfunctioning machine or other health issues arising from fumes of low standard battery.

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