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I had many friends in school days but when we got admission in different colleges and everyone choose their field of interest. Most of us had interest in IT but only few were able to get their preferred stream due to limited seats in colleges here. At time we didn’t knew about Cisco but today everyone knows about how much importance is given to Cisco certification. They got network certification programs which are in great demand. There is a lot of scope and many job offers for people who can take responsibility of network job like network security, data center job etc. Cisco certification program in my sense is the best for any student who wants a good career in IT. There are lots of reasons to opt for a career in IT because this field is in great demand by market which means more jobs and more jobs means no unemployment and better pay scale. Just now I was talking to one of my friend who completed MA but he is not able to find a job, some courses are just fruitful anymore. I am not saying that IT is everything and every other non IT coerces is useless, but it’s also true that if you choose a career in IT then you can never go wrong. It makes sense to go for course like offered by Cisco because what matters after your graduation is that you find a decent job and live a peaceful life. Look at the Cisco website for more details on courses offered.
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