Merge Duplicate Contacts in your Phone Easily

Admit it, your mobile phone-book does have duplicate entries but you are too lazy to delete the duplicate ones. Since we moved to mobile phones from land-line phones, we got rid of phone book and started saving contact numbers in the mobile phone itself. After all these years our phone book have been filled with so many contacts that now some people in our own phone book seems to be unknown. We can’t even recall when and why we got their number. Bigger problem is having duplicate entries in our contact with different names. It was almost impossible to sort this duplicate contacts problem until Google released an updated version of its contact manager.

If you have an android phone and you have synced your phone book with your Google account then you can take help of the new Google contact manager to merge all duplicate contacts. All you have to do is go to Google Contacts and login to the same Google account which is linked to your phone. Once logged in, it will automatically suggest you to merge contacts that it has found to be duplicate. It’s up to you that which contacts you want to merge and which do not.  If you do not get any notification of duplicate contacts then you can click on the “Find Duplicates” option in the menu to initiate the process of finding duplicate entries in your phone book. Once you are done with the merge process, your phone book will also reflect this change automatically.

Mohd. Hashim Khan

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