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There are some very popular video sharing sites and we all know its name. There is no need to tell that but if you are interested in sports related videos and you search for keyword say hockey or some other sport then you will get all the videos which may have hockey in keyword. This is a big problem. I came to know about a site called SportsVids which is a video sharing site. It looks very nicely designed, easy to signup and you can start uploading your videos within seconds. Easy to join here means they don’t ask you to fill up a form which takes your whole screen and ask you for several funny verification methods. Your account gets approved instantly. I found sports vids site easy to navigate and uploading sports videos was a breeze. Not only uploading but watching online sports videos is smooth and does not take much time to buffer. There are number of sports clips available on this site and since every minute someone is uploading a cool video, you will have fresh videos to see every time you visit the site. They are also running a contest in which you have to invite people to this cool site and the more people you invite, more points you get and at last the member with most points will get prize. Prizes are new xBox 3360, tickets to Michigan vs. Penn State and $100 Gift Certificate from Dick’s Sporting Goods. Here’s my link if you would like to signup:


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