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Sims 2 is a game well known in the gaming community for its very interesting game play. What makes this game interesting that you live a virtual life in it, and do whatever you can think of doing in real life but since it’s a game and no one is harmed in it, people do many naughty things in this game. To make things easier, they use sims 2 cheats and using cheat in this game in particular is more enjoyable because it gives player a sense of power thru which he/she can control anything in life. Game developers include these cheats but keep them hidden from public; however it can’t remain secret for long in the age of internet. At game cheats sites like GamesRadar you can find these cheats in full detail like the sims 2 cheats which I just talked about. This game is totally different from other computer games, its almost never ending and people who have played this game say that you almost get lost in this game and sometime think that the life going on in game is your real life. Of course you cannot use cheat in real life (damn if I could!) but sims cheats are always available and you can use it in this game to make it more fun to play.

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