Smile speaks more than words

Everyone is now aware of the Ultimate Flirting Championship going on and it’s really fun to play. If you haven’t played it then I’ll recommend you to try it just now. If you have your own blog or website then you can grab the widget from Extreme Style by VO5 page and you can have the whole game available on your site and offer the chance to play to your visitors on your own site! Talking about flirting, it’s not necessary to always approach to girl and speak special lines. Non verbal flirt can also work very well. All one has to do is give a perfect facial expression. It usually comes with a natural looking smile on your face. Honestly speaking, if you are not able to give a natural smile then its better not to smile at all. But as always, I have a solution to this problem also. What you can do is read jokes at home when you are free and when you look at girl, try to remember any one of that joke and there will be a smile on your face. Now don’t recall any really funny joke, otherwise you may burst into laughter and girl may think that you are joker. See below the photo and this is the maximum smile you can have on face. Yes this smile is also created on face naturally by recalling joke. The smile can let the girl know that you are interested in her and this is very important. Rest depends on the mood of the girl, so always smile when you look at a girl in good mood, otherwise just pass by and try your luck on other girls.

Mohd. Hashim Khan

I work as a freelance web designer and developer and enjoys fiddling with machines and electronics stuff. I am also working as a part time computer teacher at Aligarh Muslim University. I share my knowledge on various topics here so that others can make use of it and take benefit from my experiences.

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