Why You Should Use A Proxy Server

More and more people have been hearing about proxy servers over the past few years. Because of the rise of their use, there’s also been a rise in the number of companies offering high-quality proxy servers and other web applications, such as TorGuard. However, many people may still be unsure about what they actually are and what kind of benefits you can expect from them. However, before we look at what benefits of a proxy server, it’s worth taking a look at what a proxy is first.

What Is A Proxy Server?

In short, a proxy server is something that acts as a buffer between your network and the Internet; this is because a server will act as a gateway between a local network and a large-scale network. However, there are three different types of server that you should be aware of. The first of these is a Forward Proxy, which is the most standard form of proxy and works as an intermediary between your computer and the Internet. The second of these is a Reverse Proxy.

In contrast to a Forward Server, these serve as a buffer between the web and a smaller group of servers, such as a corporate LAN network. The last of these is an Open Proxy, which can be accessed by anyone. These are what many people would normally use when they’re using a public Internet or network. Having said that, Open Proxy’s don’t have as many benefits as the other two forms; since they’re so open and public, so too can your browsing. However, these two other proxies can have a few notable benefits, both for you individually as well as for a company as a whole.

Benefits Of Using Proxy Servers

Keeps Your IP Address Hidden

This may be one of the most obvious benefits to using a proxy server, as it offers the most anonymity possible when you’re browsing the Internet. This is done by making sure that your IP address isn’t visible, and in its place, a fake one is used. While this can be a significant benefit for those who like privacy, it also offers protection against hackers. In general, many people use IP addresses as a way to tell where traffic is coming from. However, many cybercriminals, such as hackers, have found out ways to find out a variety of different personal information about you through your IP and any other web activity. With that in mind, a proxy server can offer a decent amount of protection against these kinds of attacks.

You Can Access Geo-Blocked Content

Unfortunately, a lot of content on the Internet is blocked behind geo-restrictions; much of this is due to copyright and related issues. However, proxy servers can offer an easy way around this. Since a proxy server hides your IP address, a website won’t be able to tell which country you’re coming from. Because of this, you should have no problem accessing content from any location. If an issue does arise, many proxy servers allow you to switch your visible IP address several times so that you’ll be able to access this content. This shouldn’t take too much time and should be relatively easy to do depending on which provider you’re with.

Malicious Websites Can Be Filtered Out

The majority of proxy servers have an admin that manages and maintains it; in many cases, this is handled by whoever is proving your proxy server. With this maintenance comes a significant amount of security, especially when it comes to malicious websites. This is because these admins spend a considerable amount of time which websites are malicious or are engaged in phishing scams. With this in mind, they’ll be able to ensure that you don’t end up accidentally clicking on any of these links. Some providers will remove these websites or links from search results, while others will place a warning in front of each link to see whether or not you want to click on it knowing it may be malicious.

With these kinds of benefits, what’s stopping you from using a proxy server? The vast majority of them are becoming increasingly affordable, especially if you’re a business. Add in the increased security, and there’s virtually no reason why you or your business shouldn’t be using one.

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