Easy Tubeless Tyre puncture Repair – Experiment

Ever since I owned a car that came with tubeless tyres, I felt so much relaxed as now I won’t be getting struck with a flat tyre. With tubeless tyre, in the event of puncture, the tyre don’t lose air rapidly and we are able to reach our destination easily without the immediate need of repair. With smaller puncture, the rate of loss of air is so slow that we sometime don’t even notice that the tyre has got puncture.

With all these good points, there are few drawbacks of tubeless that I have felt after using them all these years. Firstly these tyres repairs are always struck with the tyre throughout its life unlike tube tyre where the tube can be replaced with a new one at fraction of a cost. The tubeless repairs also make the tyre unbalanced.

Now coming to my topic which is about tubeless tyre puncture repair. Currently the method used is drilling a hole where the nail was struck and then stuffing that hole with a glued sealer stick is stuffed in that hole. What I felt after using this method that drilling a hole is unnecessary as the nail which got the puncture has made a smaller hole which should be stuffed to seal the puncture. What I used to stuff this hole was a flat head screw with rubber coating and dipped in resin glue. Tyre walls contain metal wires which will attach itself to the thread of screw. Now whenever you see a puncture, you simply remove the nail that caused puncture and in its place, screw this special screw using a screw-driver. This method is so easy that even a child can do it. Also this method will not require removing the wheel in most cases. I have successfully repaired my car tyre using this method and it has been a week, that tyre is not losing air anymore.

Mohd. Hashim Khan

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