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Hello friends! Today I’ll tell you how you can make yourself a soldering iron within few minutes whenever you need it. So what’s the need of this when we can easily get a soldering iron for as low as Rs.25/- ? I have a reason, first of all it’s not very common equipment that every home must have but then sometimes we strongly need it when we find a broken solder joint.

To make this quick and cheap soldering iron all you need is a 12v battery charger/eliminator (~ 1Ah rating), the one which I have shown here will do, a small pencil (a discarded one will do) and of course soldering wire. Carefully using blade of something sharp, take out a small piece of led from pencil (about 2cm and not more than that) and fit the one end of it to any one of the terminal of battery charger and your soldering iron is ready! It may look like small welding machine but it works beautifully.
Now to sold, what you need is to connect the other terminal of battery charger (other that which is connected to pencil led) to the soldering wire. Having all this done lets try the soldering job!!
Switch on the battery charger and for fraction of second touch the soldering wire and led, it should give a small spark which means soldering iron is ready. To sold, just touch the soldering wire and led to the point where you have to sold and keep it touched for few seconds, you will see that wire will melt and you can solder joints with it. You can even work on PCB with this.
Note: Don’t keep the led and wire touched for long as it will lead to over heating of battery charger and may damage it. Also don’t work with sensitive PCB’s which have SMD components on them as spark created with this solder may damage those parts.

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  1. nihit johari says:

    now thats a good “jugad” if ur soldering iron goes down 🙂 ,keep up the good work.

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