Make your own Ink Remover (DIY)



Today all of use ball pen but students and some people still use fountain pen. What this pen allows is the correction because the ink used in these fountain pens can be erased by ink removers.
This invention is one of my very old inventions when I was a class 7 student. I use to do lots of spelling mistakes due to which I needed a ink remover. So here’s that formula for you to discover and start making yourself your own ink remover. You can actually start a factory of it, no kidding since it’s so easy and cheap to make, soon you will be making huge profit 😉

To start with let me tell you what you need:

  1. Water
  2. Common salt
  3. 12v 1AH battery eliminator / charger (see here)
  4. Pencil led
  5. Thick copper wire
  6. Beaker

So as you can see these are not very costly items, most probably you will be having all these items in your house. If you don’t have a beaker you can use any cup / mug which is either of plastic or glass (no metal).
So now let’s start the fun, fill about 100ml of water in beaker and add half teaspoonful of salt and mix it water well. Now take think copper wire of about 4cm in length. If you don’t have think copper wire then you can combine many thin wires to make a thick one. Connect this cooper wire to negative (-) terminal of battery charger and dip it water as shown in figure. Now take about same 4cm in length a normal pencil led (take it out from a pencil) and connect it to positive (+) terminal and dip it in water. Make sure both of these copper and led electrodes do not touch each other. Now switch on the battery charger. You will see some brisk effervescence and bubbles. Keep it going for few minutes until you notice a smell and the colour of water changes to pale yellow. As soon as you see the change in colour, switch off the current and take out the electrodes, your ink remover id ready now.

To test it, use your fountain pen, then put a small drop of ink remover to erase it J. For your ease, keep this liquid in small plastic bottle (use thoroughly washed eye drops empty bottles). This ink remover also works for some thumb pad inks etc. if you find it working for some other inks also, do tell it here in your comments.

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5 Responses

  1. Sameer says:

    Wow..Nice Concept..

    But you know I was always bad at Physics.

  2. admin says:

    I was very bad in Chemistry subject 🙁

  3. RoganGunn says:

    So, what chemical is left at the end? I can’t quite figure it out (I forgot most of my chemistry), but I reckon:

    The positive Sodium (Na+) ions would go to the Copper Cathode, and negative Chloride(Cl-) ions would go to the Carbon Anode. So chlorine gas escaped at the carbon rod, so you’d be left with Sodium ions, and of course Hydrogen ions (H+) and oxygen (O-2) ions… You’re basically making Sodium Hydroxide?

    My chemistry is vague (and maybe wrong in places!) I know – but is it just creating a NaOH solution? Could you confirm my thinking for me? 🙂

  4. admin says:

    My chemistry teacher was never happy with me LOL, it has been long I studied thick chemistry books as now I am in computer field so I also don’t know what chemical is left at the end but it looks like some Na and Copper thingy. But whatever is left, is some pungent smelling liquid and very effective in removing fountain pen ink and even thumb pad inks.

  5. Nice post. Very informative.

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