Stephen Dattels Takes Up The Question Of Asteroid Mining Feasibility

Will We Mine Asteroids In The Near Future? Stephen Dattels Weighs In

A new company raised the question of the feasibility of mining asteroids close to Earth for minerals. The company, started by some big-name celebrities and high profile billionaires, put forth a business plan that calls for exploring and mining asteroids. Stephen Dattels, a 25 year veteran of the mining exploration and resources financing industry, weighs in on the feasibility of this idea.

While asteroids most likely hold valuable minerals, extracting them and trying to bring them to market is prohibitively expensive. The cost to bring those minerals to a factory or to any destination on Earth is simply not feasible. Instead, Stephen Dattels focuses on terrestrial opportunities, which is why he founded Polo Resources Limited.

Stephen Dattels Sees No End To Terrestrial Opportunities

There is no danger of running out of opportunities for mineral exploration and resource financing. Stephen Dattels works through Polo Resources Limited to invest in many of those opportunities, particularly those that are under funded and can therefore offer good return to shareholders. One of his latest projects, offering great potential reward, includes 6,000 square kilometers of exploration land in Africa.

Despite what the asteroids might hold, Stephen Dattels will continue to provide real results on the earth’s surface.

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