Batch convert camera raw to JPEG

If you shoot in RAW format (which is the preferred format in professional photo shoots) using your DSLR then you have to convert these RAW files into JPEG in order to see the photos on a computer. If you got tons of RAW images to convert then here is a nice way to do it using Adobe Photoshop which requires just few clicks and then all the RAW images will get batch converted for you into JPEG.

Watch the video or follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Copy all the raw image files in a folder

Step 2 : Open Photoshop, click Files > Scripts > Image Processor – this will open a new window

Step 3: In this new window, in option 1 select the folder which contain all your raw image files and in option 2 select the folder where you want the jpegs to be saved. TIP: Select the same folder which you selected in option 1, it will automatically create a folder named “JPG”

Step 4: In option 3, check “save as jpeg” and enter “12” in the Quality box for maximum quality.

Step 5: Click RUN button.

Now your raw image files will automatically open one by one and get saved as jpeg!

Mohd. Hashim Khan

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