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The great thing about the thousands of applications out there is that they have made life just that much easier. You can do anything from a comfy spot on the sofa – play a video game, download movies, and even update your blog. Companies like AT&T have revolutionized the industry while working in conjunction with Apple to produce amazing mobile devices like the iPhone. You no longer have to worry about being chained to your laptop or desktop to get work done, so here’s a list of some super helpful apps that’s opened up new front in the world of mobile blogging:


This one is, not surprisingly, that’s on the top of the list. It’s all about blogging made easy. Some blogging apps target specific platforms and are very centric to certain software programs, but iBlogger is an iPhone app that’s designed by illumineX that has a lot of really amazing features you won’t find through some other apps, like WordPress. With this app, you can connect different platforms that you’re currently using at a very low cost. It’s cheaper and more effective than many of the alternatives out there, and will only run you about ten dollars. With all of that said, it’s not perfect. The app doesn’t allow you to upload images, but the benefits outweigh the negatives. Keeping in the same vein as all the other iPhone apps, it’s incredibly user friendly for those of us out there who aren’t internet developers.


This new app for iOS has taken WordPress to the next level. It has an entirely new platform that’s designed and optimized to employ the many advantages of the iPad and iPhone’s new user interface. It’s made blogging that much simpler. It’s currently available on Apple’s App store. Users are now able to create and edit posts, and also add photos. The new app has a spell check, and all of these features are available to users without the hassle or need to write a single line of code. It’s never been easier to update and stay in touch with your followers with the new iOS WordPress app.


This is a free app that has many of the same features as the other to examples above, but with a little less pizzazz. It will help you manage your blog with common operating features such as posting, approving comments, deleting posts, and many other things. It’s highly functional and works well for basic blogging functions. It’s not a high-powered app, but it’s a useful tool for those who don’t want to go with an app that costs.
It’s essential for any blogger to stay in touch with their public, and by using these apps, as well as other comparable options, you can do just that. Keep your blog active and mobile with your smartphone so you can keep your readers and clients updated on a continual basis.

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