5 Free CSS Tools for UI Design

5-css-toolsWhen designing user interface or developing a web page you always need some basic things done like menus, buttons etc. and you cannot just repeat what you did in earlier project. To be creative you will have to have something new. So here are 5 free online tools that are just click away and let you create UI design elements on the fly!



There are quite a few similar sites out there where you can generate menus online but cssmenumaker.com is better than others in my opinion as it offers fresh menu designs and several advanced features like plugins for WordPress and Dreamweaver. This website lets you choose a base design for different types of menus and then you can customize it as per your requirements. When you are done customizing, you can download the source files which include everything and can be copy pasted to your web project.



As the name suggest, it is really the best one out there in generating buttons. Gone are the days when people used gif/png images as buttons. Now you can create beautiful web buttons with just CSS and this tool lets you create the same very easily. All you have to do is select a base design for your button and then you can customize it. At the end you get the CSS code which you can paste in your website CSS file and use the button design anywhere on your website.



Long back in days when I used tables for developing web pages, whenever there was a need for shadow, creating one in Photoshop and then adding it to the webpage as image was the only option. Now with CSS3, you can add shadow to any element (image, text, Div’s) easily and this tool lets you do it with perfection.



Again this was a tedious task to do in old days because one had to create 4 separate round corners image and then align those using CSS. But thanks to newer generation browsers and CSS, now you can have round corners without using image. With this tool you can create CSS needed for the type of round corner you are looking for your UI design. On the web page of this tool, you will see a square with input boxes on each corner.  Just enter a number on all four corners to create a CSS for round corner. Larger the number is, curvier will be the corner.



Coding a sprite in CSS is pain, but now this tool does that for you. What sprite is basically is a set of CSS which allows you to display small images (like icons, buttons etc) by just using its class instead of actually inserting a link to image file. Another benefit of using sprite is that all the small images can be grouped together as one image so all your small images load at once and you never see an empty space because of image not loaded on time.

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