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Lava iris 405+ Unboxing and Review


Lava iris 405+ is a budget Android phone from Lava brand and is one of those models which have 512mb of RAM. This set is as of now available for Rs.6119 at FlipKart and is available in black and white

Repairing CFL Lamps


What you do when the CFL lamps in your home stops working? You probably throw it and buy a new one. What if I tell you that most of these dead CFL can be easily repaired at home? By sparing

WatsApp Down Globally

WatsApp, the popular messaging service is reported to be down globally and its services are not working. Facebook recently bought WatsApp and most probably the servers are getting transferred to the new owner, that is facebook and due to the

Taking Webpage Screenshot – The Easy Way

If the webpage fits perfectly in the whole browser window without any need of scrolling then all you need to do is press “Prt Sc” button on the keyboard and the screenshot of the whole screen gets saved in clipboard

Know which tab is making that sound

Google Chrome browser recently updated and added a  much needed feature. Now in Chrome whichever tab is displaying a website which is playing any kind of music (video, flash game, swf audio etc), a small speaker icon will be displayed.

Pacific West Capital Group lets investors build wealth

Most people seek investment vehicles offering a solid return on investment coupled with minimal risk. Since 2004, Pacific West Capital Group has offered life settlement to qualified life settlement investors, the opportunity for total fixed returns on their investment of